My name is Martyna Wołowicz. I am a graduate of Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts at Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media.

Anyone who know me can say that my biggest advantage is my imagination. Its unlimited and can always count on it. My projects and ideas are based on very own unique look on everything. 

My art journey started while I was still small fart, who talk with flowers and imagine them as mythic birds and creatures. At 12 years old I join Traditional Graphic Art classes at local Culture Youth Centre. After few weeks of practise my linos start winning almost every Art Competitions for kids artists. Years later I end up at Fine Arts Academy. Where I am now?

Hmm. I would like to say I am a Freelancer, but it wouldn’t be 100% truth. Some years ago I start to wonder where in current world I could place my art. Thats how I start create postcards, book illustrations and clothes designes. But thats not end of it, I hope. I am open for new, new possibilities new places. I am an Artist, I fit everywhere but cage.